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"...He sits assertively with spread legs, points his foot out rudely to stop Jane, and then to send her on her way. The Cuban Javier Torres can do handsome macho in his sleep."
Ismene Brown
The spectator uk
"As Casanova, Javier Torres is a genuine star turn with a virtuoso emotional and physical range that reveals in dance the enigmatic nature of a man for whom the sexual hunt was never quite enough."
roger foss
the stage uk
"Canto Vital" for four men in brightly coloured skivvies, is a beefcake ballet...magnificent gymnastic top for four of the groups talented men, including Javier Torres...with spectacular flips, leaps and slides make for a spellbinding Olympiad..."
Sid smith
chicago Tribune-2003
"Javier Torres nailed the duplicitous character of the inner party member O'Brien with sinister sincerity."
Graham watts
Bachtrac UK

About Javier

Born in Cuba, Javier is considered one of the best Cuban dancer of his generation. His presence on stage has been described as ‘nothing short of mesmerising’. He has performed in more than 29 countries across the Americas, Europe and Asia, with a vast career of more than 20 years, he has danced in many important stages around the world among big international ballet stars.

"...Torres is a dark, smouldering partner with elegant feet. He manages the most beautiful beats and tours en l'air I've ever seen".

Gary Smith - The Hamilton spectator - Canada 2009

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