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Business Fit Magazine Sep-Oct 2020

Interview (PAGE 30) by Veronica Sosa- Business fit Magazine

Javier Torres, by Mike Dixon (spanish version)


Mike Dixon – Dance Europe

Northern Ballet’s Dracula gives Javier Torres a role to sink his teeth into

Jim Pritchard – See and heard International

Feeling Lucky...

Jonathan Gray - Dancing Times

Javier Torres and the art of interpretative dance.


Cecilia Crespo – OnCuba Magazine

Cuban ballet dancer Javier Torres generally has no problem playing baddies unless, like Dracula, he has to invest them with tenderness


By Antonia Charlesworth 

Dracula - The Making

Backstage footage-documentary featuring Javier Torres – cinema live show of Northern Ballet’s Dracula. 31 Oct 2019

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Rendezvous with Mike Dixon & Javier Torres

Mike Dixon talks with Northern Ballet’s premier dancer about his early career in Cuba, his move to Leeds and his plans for the future. 

Excerpt from David Nixon’s Dracula, music by Philip Feeney, by courtesy of Northern Ballet Filmed and produced by Andrej Uspenski and Emma Kauldhar-  25 June 2020


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Javier shares that there’s nothing wrong in change, change comes for a reason and we don’t need to be afraid of change, he says that change is something good and change is something that should be happen to all of us. See Full episode HERE.

G. J. Dowler

Classical Source.
Ballet Nacional de Cuba – Swan Lake 2010 The Coliseum, London

"I really liked Javier Torres as Siegfried...he looks like and moves as a prince, his silhouette evoking a type of danseur noble now all too rarely seen on the ballet stage. He did his virtuosic numbers well enough, but the greatest pleasures were from his superb partnering, his noble bearing and his understated acting.

"...Annette Delgado and Javier Torres need no narrative context, plunging straight into the piercing poignancy of a love duet danced beyond the grave. Delgado's delicately moulded phrasing, contained within the elegant ardour of Torres, makes you wish you were seeing the ballet in its entirety"

Judith Mackrell

The Guardian 

"Dracula is played by Javier Torres, who embodies the character with the sort of virile charisma that we have come to associate with Stoker’s protagonist. With his slicked-back hair and oversized black cape, he reminds one immediately of Bela Lugosi in the Universal film....there’s no denying Torres’s command of the stage.

James Ballands

British Theatre Guide


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